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Bruker Launches New High-Performance Benchtop EPR System

April 20, 2015

ASILOMAR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bruker (NASDAQ: BRKR) today launched the EMXnano™ system at the 56th annual Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC). EMXnano™ is the first high-performance benchtop EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) instrument, making research-grade EPR capabilities accessible to a broader range of scientists.

High-performance bench-top EPR system EMXnano (Photo: Business Wire)

High-performance bench-top EPR system EMXnano (Photo: Business Wire)

The EMXnano can be used to analyze many EPR samples, including transition metals, antioxidants and free radicals, providing valuable information and insights into biological and chemical systems. Bruker has integrated a novel, permanent magnet and an efficient new microwave resonator to deliver unmatched sensitivity and stability in a benchtop EPR system, making the EMXnano suitable for a wide range of analyses, teaching applications, as well as for quantitative EPR with the inclusion of Bruker’s patented spin counting module.

The EMXnano has been designed with the user in mind, delivering research performance with ease of use. The instrument includes defined workflows for easy and fast system setup, with a user friendly interface that allows parameters to be easily adjusted also by non-EPR experts. Various accessories are available to tailor the EMXnano to specific application fields. The extension of Bruker’s renowned EMX spectrometer family to the benchtop provides many features typically found only on sophisticated, floor-standing EPR instruments.

Professors Sandra and Gareth Eaton from the University of Denver commented: “We congratulate Bruker on the impressive engineering and performance of the EMXnano. Its sensitivity, scan range, and ease of use will stimulate adoption of EPR by a larger scientific community. We are especially pleased with the quantitative EPR capabilities.”

EPR is used for both static and dynamic investigations of materials, chemicals and biological systems, including molecular radical structures and formation. EPR is advantageous for dynamic measurements as an EPR spectrum can be measured while applying changes in conditions, such as temperature or light irradiation. Applications include polymer synthesis, testing the purity of silicon in solar cells, spin trapping to assess the oxidative stability of flavors, and the analysis of metalloproteins. In electrochemistry, redox chemistry, photochemistry and catalysis, the EMXnano can be used to study metal centers and radicals involved in chemical processes.

“New applications have revived interest in EPR as an analytical tool for chemistry, materials science and biology,” commented Dr. Werner Maas, President of the Bruker BioSpin MRS division. “We answered the calls from our customers and have developed a compact, yet high performance EPR benchtop instrument, the EMXnano.”

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