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Bruker Launches High-Throughput MALDI Biotypersmart System with Lifetime Laser

April 27, 2015

COPENHAGEN, Denmark--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- At the 25th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), Bruker today announced the introduction of the MALDI Biotypersmart (MBTsmart), a new high-throughput option in the MALDI Biotyper product family of bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry systems for microbiology laboratories. The MBTsmart is IVD-CE labeled according to EU directive EC/98/79, and fully integrated with the new IVD MALDI Sepsityper workflow for rapid microbial identification from positive blood cultures.

The new MALDI Biotypersmart is equipped with Bruker’s proprietary smartbeamTM solid-state laser, which increases the laser lifetime by an order of magnitude. In practice, this makes the smartbeam laser essentially a ‘lifetime’ laser for most microbiology applications and typical sample throughputs today. Smartbeam is a Bruker-proprietary laser technology which combines the higher speed and lifetime of a solid-state laser with the analytical MALDI performance of a nitrogen laser.

The MALDI Biotypersmart also features a more than three times higher laser repetition rate for even faster Time-to-Result (TTR), which often is crucial in clinical microbiology. It also enables higher throughput during peak demand times in the clinical microbiology laboratory, e.g. in the mornings.

The higher speed and lifetime make the new MBTsmart more future-proof by providing the higher throughput that will be beneficial to implement additional workflows going forward. For example, it facilitates additional research applications, like sub-typing, or the emerging family of Bruker-proprietary Selective Testing of Antibiotic Resistance (MBT-STAR) assays, which use the MALDI Biotyper platform for functional resistance testing of bacteria, initially for beta-lactamase activity. High quality subtyping or MBT-STAR assays, with QC comparisons, are expected to require approximately an order of magnitude more laser shots than identification.

The MALDI Biotypersmart is also equipped with a higher performance vacuum system. This enables flexible and convenient workflows in laboratories where multiple users are working on the same instrument, and have the need to exchange MALDI target plates with a minimum delay. The modified design allows reaching high vacuum faster after preventive maintenance or service, thus even further increasing instrument availability.

Dr. Edwin Boel, Consultant Microbiologist at University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, explained: “We have been using the MALDI Biotyper system for microbial identification in our routine laboratory for years. But we also envision additional workflows like direct analysis from positive blood cultures, and MALDI Biotyper-based selective testing of antibiotic resistance. Even nucleic acid analysis on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry might become of interest for the microbiology laboratory in the future. In summary, we are convinced that MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry will have even broader impact on microbiology laboratories in the future. The new MBTsmart provides the hardware improvements to be future-proof for such new workflows.”

Dr. Wolfgang Pusch, Executive Vice President for Clinical MALDI at Bruker Daltonics, added: “Bruker is dedicated to innovation and workflow improvements in clinical microbiology, in order to provide more and better information with dramatically shorter TTRs and higher throughput to infectious disease clinicians. This enables our customers to reduce healthcare costs, improve antibiotic stewardship, and improve patient comfort and outcomes. Since the introduction of the MALDI Biotyper, Bruker has led the MALDI-revolution in microbial identification. With the introduction of the MALDI Biotypersmart, Bruker is now taking MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to the next level in the microbiology laboratory. The MALDI Biotypersmart system is a new high-end option for those customers who seek further increases in throughput, convenience and flexibility in the laboratory. Higher throughput, speed and laser lifetime facilitate additional workflows for developing the MBT platform more and more into a general microbiology workhorse for multiple diagnostic and analytical tasks.”

About the Bruker MALDI Biotyper

The MALDI Biotyper family of systems enables molecular identification, and taxonomical classification or de-replication of microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Classification and identification of microorganisms is achieved reliably and quickly using proteomic fingerprinting by high-throughput MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. The MALDI Biotyper uses a molecular approach based on specific proteomic fingerprints from bacterial strains and published studies have highlighted the greater accuracy and lower cost offered, as well as the much faster time-to-result (TTR).

Applications of the various MALDI Biotyper solutions include clinical routine microbial identification, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis, taxonomical research, food and consumer product safety and quality control, as well as marine microbiology. In many European and international laboratories the MALDI Biotyper has replaced classical biochemical testing for bacterial identification in the past seven years due to the accuracy, speed, extensive species coverage, ease of use and cost effectiveness of the system. Classical biochemical techniques detect different metabolic properties of microorganisms, can take many hours or even days for completion, and they often lack specificity.

The robust MALDI Biotyper method requires minimal sample preparation and offers low consumables cost. The products of the MALDI Biotyper family are available in a research-use-only (RUO) version, as the U.S. FDA-cleared MALDI Biotyper CA System, or in an IVD-CE version according to EU directive EC/98/79. The MALDI Biotyper also has medical device registrations in numerous other countries. RUO versions of the MALDI Biotyper even allow selected high-value antimicrobial resistance tests in translational research.

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