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Bruker Introduces Significant Product Innovations for its Avance(TM) III Platform toFurther Enhance NMR Performance, Robustness and Ease of Use

April 11, 2011

SmartVT interface for NMR sample temperature control

ASILOMAR, Calif., Apr 11, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- At the 52nd ENC, Bruker introduces a number of significant product innovations, further expanding the capabilities of the world's leading NMR platform, the Avance(TM) III. New developments include the DigiLockTM next-generation digital lock, a novel and modular high performance variable temperature system consisting of SmartVTTM and SmartCoolerTM, both leading to significantly improved NMR stability, as well as a new multi-purpose highest performance HPLNA preamplifier with enhanced noise figures and improved immunity to external RF perturbations.

The DigiLock is now designed with an entirely new 'Direct RF' concept, which eliminates the need for analog mixers. The DigiLock uses highest speed FPGAs, latest analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters with clock rates up to 320 MHz, and provides on-the-fly high speed digital signal processing, hence enabling locking on complex deuterated solvents having multiple solvent peaks. Together with the latest high speed converters and fast digital signal processing this concept provides ultimate performance with higher precision and greater immunity against external RF interferences. Coupled with cold deuterium pre-amplifiers inherent in the design of all Bruker CryoProbes, unprecedented lock sensitivity and stability can be achieved. The DigiLock is a key module of the newly introduced and game-changing CryoProbe(TM) Prodigy.

Further contributing to overall spectrometer stability and NMR probe performance, Bruker introduces the SmartVT, a unique, new Variable Temperature (VT) architecture, consisting of a modular, plug-and-play multi-channel temperature control system together with the new SmartCooler. The SmartVT controller has been significantly enhanced by incorporating novel airflow monitoring and regulation capabilities, as well as the potential to handle up to four heater channels, while monitoring up to nine thermal sensors, and at a much greater precision and regulation speed than before. The new SmartCooler, Bruker's new VT gas pre-conditioning unit to Bruker's NMR probes, combined with the new SmartVT, allows the temperature of the NMR sample to be very accurately monitored and controlled, making the NMR results insensitive to laboratory instabilities., e.g. in the VT gas supply of the laboratory and day/night cycles in temperature.

A third innovation is Bruker's new HPLNA, or High Power Low Noise Preamplifier. The HPLNA is designed for maximum performance for both solids and liquids NMR spectroscopy. While latest GaAs technology allows highest sensitivity, the novel 4kW peak power active Transmit/Receive switch provides full linearity in the transmit path of the spectrometer, delivering ultimate selective excitation performance for any NMR application. Due to its well designed packaging and filtering, the HPLNA is virtually immune to electromagnetic interferences and thus avoids pick-up from unwanted external RF sources. This results in optimal sensitivity while at the same time minimizing the risk of disturbances from digital communication around the NMR laboratory.

"As the performance of Bruker's NMR probes and electronics have rapidly increased, the sensitivity of the NMR experiment has greatly improved, to an extent where artifacts caused by less than ideal laboratory environments, combined with increased interference from digital TV, radio stations, low frequency electromagnetic fluctuations of tramways, railways and subways may become visible," commented Mr. Pietro Lendi, Vice President of R&D at Bruker BioSpin Switzerland and Avance Product Manager. He continued: "The new SmartVT concept, HPLNA preamplifier and DigiLockM provide the best protection and robustness when performing the most demanding NMR experiments in real-world, never perfect laboratory environments."

With these 2011 Avance III new product introductions, together with the most accurate RF generation, and the fastest phase, frequency and amplitude switching characteristics, controlled by the industry-standard TopSpin(TM) software, Bruker fulfills its promise of 'Innovation with Integrity' by providing our customers with the best available experimental results at all times, while continuing to set the industry standards in NMR technology.

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