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Bruker Announces New High-Performance Scientific Instruments and Analytical Solutions for Life-Science Research, Industrial and Applied Markets at Pittcon 2011

March 14, 2011

ATLANTA, Mar 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- At Pittcon 2011, Bruker is announcing its latest product innovations and is showcasing its expanding portfolio of analytical technologies. The new systems deliver more sensitivity, productivity and specificity for confident analysis in industrial and applied markets, and open new horizons for advanced molecular and materials research applications.

New technologies from recent acquisitions enable Bruker to offer additional, complementary high-performance analytical solutions and new compact, easy-to-use and affordable turn-key systems. With today's product introductions Bruker addresses an expanding array of life science, pharma-biotech, clinical research, food, petro-chem, environmental, homeland security, materials and nanoscience, as well as academic research and educational markets. The new Bruker products and solutions launched at Pittcon 2011 include:

Mass Spectrometry and Separations:

maXis 4G(TM): the breakthrough maXis 4G(TM) UHR-QTOF once again redefines high performance mass spectrometry by offering Full Sensitivity Resolution (FSR) of greater than 60,000 and mass accuracy better than 600 ppb. Other high-end QTOF systems may nominally reach 40,000 resolution, but only at the expense of a dramatic sensitivity loss by large factors due to special resolution-enhancing, but sensitivity degrading techniques like ion beam slicing, W-mode, etc. The maXis 4G is very unique and maintains its maximum sensitivity even at full mass resolution, and even while acquiring at up to 30 Hz speed during UHPLC separations. This completely unique highest performance envelope permits truly simultaneous discovery, identification and quantitation of low-level compounds or metabolites in a single maXis 4G LC-MS/MS run.

aurora M90(TM): this new platform is taking ICP-MS to a new level of sensitivity, dynamic range and productivity for environmental, industrial, and applied markets. The novel aurora M90 combines the unique and updated CRI II(TM) collision reaction interface for interference elimination, and a new Nitrox(TM)500 accessory to lower limits of detection (LOD) on key elements like As and Se even further. The aurora M90 incorporates a patented 90 degree ion mirror optics and unique curved-fringe rods with unsurpassed sensitivity and low background noise for industry-leading detection limits. The aurora M90 also features the world's only fully digitized ICP-MS detector, covering a full nine decades of dynamic range in pulse counting mode, thus delivering fast and accurate multi-element analysis from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement. The aurora M90 universal analysis mode provides fast and accurate results for samples routinely encountered across the wide range of environmental and industrial monitoring processes where ICP-MS is the technology of choice.

compassCDS(TM):Bruker's new chromatography data system (CDS) for gas chromatography (GC) systems control, data processing and report generation enables an enhanced laboratory workflow. The new compassCDS offers a quick and easy migration path forward to former Varian GC customers, who are currently using the older Galaxie software platform. Fully integrated into Bruker's comprehensive compass(TM) separations and mass spectrometry software architecture, compassCDSis the new cornerstone CDS for Bruker's high-performance GC systems.

X-ray Spectroscopy and Microanalysis:

S8 DRAGON(TM): Bruker launches the novel S8 DRAGON, the first truly simultaneous X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for precise, high-speed elemental analysis for process control in metal production and foundries. The compact, high-performance S8 DRAGON leverages the latest X-ray technologies and a novel architecture to offer high quantitative precision in combination with elemental flexibility for up-to-date metals production control, covering almost all elements of the periodic table in a single, rapid measurement.

e-Flash HR is a new high resolution and high sensitivity detector for electron backscatter diffraction analysis (EBSD) to tackle the most demanding EBSD applications, such as analysis of poorly conducting nano-materials, lattice strain investigation, phase identification and more. The e-FlashHR complements Bruker's high speed EBSD detector version e-Flash1000, further increasing the versatility of the Bruker CrystAlign(TM) EBSD system.

TRACER(TM) IV GEO: Bruker introduces the TRACER IV GEO, offering geology researchers a flexible, handheld XRF analyzer with the ability to install user-developed calibrations. Equipped with Bruker's 30 mm2XFLASH(TM) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), it achieves about three times the sensitivity of the standard TRACER.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance:

Assure(TM)-RMS: A fully automated, quantitative NMR solution for raw material screening (RMS) in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, Assure-RMS enables the targeted and non-targeted detection of impurities and adulterants in the starting materials for industrial, biotech and pharmaceutical production. By detecting adulteration and impurities early in the production cycle, Assure-RMS promises a quick return on investment. Designed for GMP and GLP environments, Assure-RMS delivers a traceable record of sample analysis and summary reports.

Fourier 300 with Automation: Bruker's innovative, easy-to-use and affordable 300 MHz high-resolution FT-NMR spectrometer can now optionally be equipped with SampleXpress Lite(TM), an autosampler for routine chemistry applications in academia and industry. With its new, efficient sample-changer, robust probe technology, easy-to-use software, miniaturized electronics and a well-proven magnet, the Fourier 300 with SampleXpress Lite is a complete proton and carbon 1D and 2D FT-NMR system that delivers powerful performance at an attractive price.

CMC-se(TM): A new NMR software package in Bruker's Complete Molecular Confidence (CMC) suite of software solutions, the CMC-se solution offers simple and efficient structure elucidation of small molecules, and accelerates the workflow during the structure elucidation process by automating processing and interpretation steps. In combination with Bruker's AVANCE(TM) NMR spectrometer product line, CMC-se is the only elucidation tool that seamlessly integrates high quality NMR data acquisition and sophisticated software analysis for small molecule structure elucidation.

Vibrational Spectroscopy:

BMS-c: Bruker announces BMS-c, a new automation option for its highly regarded VERTEX 80v research grade FT-IR spectrometers. BMS-c is a novel beamsplitter exchange unit for additional flexibility and productivity in demanding materials research applications. BMS-c users are able to change spectral range using up to four beamsplitters under automation, and while the system remains under vacuum.

Remote Infrared Gas Detection: following the recent acquisition of Sigma ElectroOptics GmbH, Bruker is introducing two products for the remote detection of hazardous gases in industrial, environmental and homeland security applications: the new SIGIS 2 (Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System) is a scanning imaging remote sensing system that complements Bruker's existing EM27 research grade and RAPID(TM) line of mil-spec FT-IR remote sensing systems. SIGIS 2 allows identification, quantification, and visualization of a broad range of potentially hazardous gas clouds from long distances, with 360 degree observation for true chemical imaging. Bruker's new dedicated gas imager GI 384 LW can visualize gas plumes in real-time and is a highly efficient tool for leak detection in industrial environments. Its main application is detection of natural gas (methane), but the system can be configured to detect a variety of other chemical gases.

Frank Laukien, Ph.D., Bruker's President and CEO, commented: "Our innovative, high-performance products are expected to further enhance our position in the markets we serve, offering exceptional analytical and research capabilities, greater convenience and cost-effective solutions to our customers. With compact, easy-to-use, affordable, yet highest performance products we believe we can gain access to broader markets and expand our presence in many routine quality control, applied and industrial market segments, while maintaining our excellent reputation in the research community."

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