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Bruker Announces Four Ultra-High Field NMR Orders from the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) to Enable Advanced Biological Research

November 09, 2011

BRNO, Czech Republic, Nov 09, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Bruker, the leader in analytical magnetic resonance instrumentation, today announced major orders from the new Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in Brno, Czech Republic. The package of four ultra-high field AVANCE(TM) NMR systems at 950, 800 and two times 700 MHz, will establish CEITEC as the premier biological NMR research facility in Central and Eastern Europe, and as one of the leading NMR facilities in Europe.

Providing optimum conditions for the emergence of new scientific discoveries by concentrating cutting-edge instrumentation in one location, CEITEC's integrated high-tech infrastructure of shared and specialized laboratories will also serve as a focal point to attract and support top NMR experts from around the world.

The AVANCE III 950 offers one of the highest magnetic fields for NMR applications. The 950 US2 magnet combines Bruker's proven proprietary UltraShield(TM) active-shielding and UltraStabilized(TM) sub-cooling technologies. With already six installations at customer sites worldwide, this unique 950 MHz magnet, which has only been delivered by Bruker, provides ideal capabilities for demanding multidimensional biological NMR applications, while at the same time requiring a relatively small footprint due to its small stray field.

The AVANCE III 800 and two AVANCE III 700 spectrometers feature the latest Ascend(TM) magnet technology that combines the key advantages of Bruker's well-established UltraShield(TM) Plus magnets with the superior performance and greater convenience delivered by advanced superconductor technology. This further innovation has enabled the design of smaller magnet coils, resulting in a significant reduction in the size of the cryostats. The new Ascend magnets are therefore easier to site, even safer to run and offer significantly reduced operating costs. With over 200 customer installations, Bruker has an unmatched track record in ultra-high field NMR magnet technology, enabling scientific discoveries of structural biologists worldwide.

The AVANCE III digital rf architecture and Bruker's unique, next-generation CryoProbe(TM) technology complement such magnet performance with an unprecedented level of digital control, speed, flexibility, exceptionally pure NMR frequency generation, and unmatched sensitivity.

Professor Vladimír Sklenár, the CEITEC Structural Biology Program Coordinator, commented: "CEITEC will become an important European centre of science and education. The project will contribute to the science research capacity of the Czech Republic and also strengthen relations between Czech science and top international research institutes and companies. CEITEC's structural biology program aims to obtain the knowledge necessary to understand the basic functions and life processes at the molecular and cellular levels. High-field NMR spectroscopy will be combined with other progressive high-resolution methods of structural analysis such as single-crystal X-ray diffraction, high-end cryo-electron microscopy and tomography, atomic force understanding of the vital cellular processes. A new integrated infrastructure will be used to develop modern methods of structural biology and to extract molecular data crucial for biochemical and biomedical applications. Structural biology core facilities will form the essential part of the Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology (CIISB) which has been approved as a National Affiliate Centre of INSTRUCT."

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