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Bruker Elemental Announces Q2 ION Ultra-Compact Best-in-Class Spark-OES Metals Analyzer with Unique Analytical Capabilities

March 1, 2010

BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bruker Elemental today announces the launch of the all-new Q2 ION™, an ultra-compact spark optical emission spectrometer (OES) for metals analysis. The Q2 ION is a true multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys. Its primary applications and metal matrices include copper, aluminum and iron analysis at smaller foundries, inspection companies, metal recycling and metal fabricators.

The Q2 ION also offers RoHS compliance screening for solder producers and PCB manufacturers (solder checker). Moreover, the Q2 ION is a powerful instrument for advanced PMI applications with its best-in-class UV-element performance, including Nitrogen for duplex steels.

The small benchtop Q2 ION system incorporates numerous proprietary innovations. It was designed for simplified operation, minimized maintenance and short analysis times while achieving best-in-class analytical performance. The Q2 ION’s compact size and rapid start-up routine even allows the unit to be portable, making it complementary to Bruker Elemental handheld XRF systems.

High quality ultraviolet (UV) OES analysis in a compact system is an innovative feature that represents important progress for ultra-compact spark-OES systems. UV-OES enables Q2 ION customers to analyze metals for important additional elements, such as carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and even nitrogen for duplex steels. Other key features like high analytical stability through patented active ambient compensation, standard-less calibration, proprietary ClearSpectrum™ algorithms, low argon consumption and minimal maintenance give Q2 ION users additional confidence in its reliable analytical results at very low operating costs.

The addition of the Q2 ION expands Bruker Elemental’s range of metal analysis systems even further. Mr. Andreas Kunz, Sales Director for Bruker Elemental, commented: “We can now offer an even wider selection of metal analysis solutions to our customers. We believe the Q2 ION represents a breakthrough in best-in-class performance and analytical capabilities for an ultra-compact system with a very attractive price/performance ratio.”

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The all-new Q2 ION is an ultra-compact spark optical emission spectrometer (OES) for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys.