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Bruker Daltonics Announces Opening of maXis(TM) U.S. Demonstration Facility and Installations in Top-tier Laboratories Prior to PITTCON

March 05, 2009

BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 5, 2009-- Bruker Daltonics today announced the opening of its Massachusetts demonstration facility for the ultra-high resolution time-of-flight (UHR-TOF) maXis™ mass spectrometer, as well as several maXis installations in top-tier U.S. life-science research laboratories. The revolutionary maXis, which Bruker will exhibit at PITTCON 2009 next week in Chicago, is the only high-performance mass spectrometer available today that simultaneously fulfills the two previously incompatible requirements in modern mass spectrometry of ultra-high mass resolution and fast UHPLC separations.

Powerful across a broad range of applications, maXis delivers, without compromise, the combination of exceptional mass accuracy of better than 1 ppm, ultra-high mass resolving power of 40,000 to 60,000, dynamic range over 5 orders of magnitude, high m/z capabilities, exceptional stability allowing 1.5 mDa high-resolution extracted ion chromatograms (hrEIC), as well as outstanding sensitivity, all in MS and MS/MS mode and all maintained simultaneously even when coupled to rapid separations fast liquid chromatography systems. The maXis is already well proven as an exceptional tool in quantitative proteomics, peptide and intact protein analysis in addition to small molecule identification using the unique SmartFormula™ 3D method for on-the-fly unambiguous molecular formula read-out, as co-developed with Pfizer, UK.

Professor Richard Caprioli of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine plans to use the maXis in his research on changes in protein expression in various disease states. Prof. Caprioli commented: “The performance of the maXis in our laboratory after the installation has shown that we will be able to achieve new levels of confidence in protein identification, and quantification of changes in protein expressions levels, as well as those for drugs and metabolites. We see this instrument as highly complementary to our extensive research program in profiling changes in protein expression levels using MALDI-TOF imaging.”

At PITTCON 2009, Professor Jonathan V. Sweedler from the University of Illinois at Urbana will present maXis data demonstrating the ability to characterize neuropeptides in samples as small as a single neuron with an unprecedented combination of very high resolution, high sensitivity and tandem MS capabilities. He stated: “This combination has allowed us to confirm the identity of several peptides we could not characterize previously with other instruments. We have also integrated the maXis with capillary electrophoresis to characterize the cell-to-cell differences in the metabolome. For these experiments, the high speed and tandem MS capabilities of the maXis are critical; as just one example from a single cell, we found four compounds that had the same mass as acetylcholine within one hundredth of a Dalton; the fast tandem MS capabilities were required to confirm peak identities. There is no question that this instrument revolutionizes our ability to characterize the metabolome and peptidome for our complex neuronal samples.”


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