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Bruker BioSpin Announces Two New Ultra-High Field Actively Shielded NMR Magnets to be Introduced at ENC 2009

March 25, 2009

Unique Single-Story Standard Bore 54 mm Magnet at 850 MHz and Novel Wide Bore 89 mm Magnet at 900 MHz Both Set New World Records


BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 25, 2009-- Bruker BioSpin announced today that it will launch two new, unique and ground-breaking Ultra-High Field (UHF) NMR magnets on Sunday, March 29th, 2009 at the Experimental NMR Conference (ENC):

  • the world’s highest field, actively shielded wide bore 89 mm NMR magnet 900 MHz WB US², and
  • the world’s highest field, actively shield standard bore 54 mm, compact single story NMR magnet 850 MHz US Plus™.

Combined with Bruker BioSpin’s AVANCE™ III spectrometer, both of these innovative magnets deliver unsurpassed sensitivity and resolution enabling new research applications in structural biology research, membrane protein structure determination and a growing number of materials research applications.

The two-story 900 MHz WB US² NMR magnet expands the range of available shielded UHF wide bore magnets from our previous 850 MHz system now to an unprecedented 900 MHz product. It combines Bruker BioSpin's proprietary UltraStabilized™ and UltraShield™ technologies, delivering a UHF magnet with the well-known benefits of unmatched stability and active-shielding technology. The increase in sensitivity and resolution provided by the 900 US² wide bore (89 mm) NMR magnet will enable new applications for solid state NMR studies of membrane proteins and of low-γ nuclei in the field of material science, as well as various UHF micro-imaging applications.

The compact 850 MHz US Plus™ actively-shielded magnet can be placed in a single story lab, thus significantly lowering the barriers for researchers to operate at this UHF strength. The very compact size and its small stray field significantly improves siting flexibility and dramatically reduces site preparation costs. The 850 MHz US Plus™ standard-bore (54mm) magnet benefits from both Bruker BioSpin’s proprietary UltraStabilized™ and UltraShield™-Plus active shielding technology, for improved protection against external perturbations and with outstanding stability and high-resolution NMR performance.

Both new magnets exploit the proven reliability and performance of our installed base of over 150 UHF Bruker magnets at 750-950 MHz worldwide. This exceptional and proven track record is only achievable due to a combination of Bruker’s proprietary sub-cooling technology and the latest in superconductor wire technologies. This combination results in the most compact coil designs, the highest built-in safety margins, the lowest drift magnets, safe operation and robust, high quality production capabilities.

“It is exciting to observe that continuing progress in wire technology and design allow us to increase the highest available NMR frequencies for any given magnet type, and at the same time we can reduce the size of our magnets,” commented Dr. Gerhard Roth, Managing Director of Bruker BioSpin. “Both new magnet types have been designed, manufactured and successfully energized at our factory to full field with excellent homogeneity and minimal drift. We trust that researchers all over the world will benefit from these latest advancements.”

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