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Bruker Announces Avance 1000, the World's First 1 Gigahertz NMR Spectrometer

June 1, 2009

Unique 23.5 Tesla Standard-Bore, Persistent Superconducting Magnet Sets New World Record

LES HOUCHES, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 1, 2009-- At the beginning of the ‘International Workshop on High Field Solution and Solid State Biomolecular NMR’, Bruker BioSpin announced today the launch of a breakthrough one Gigahertz (1 GHz = 1,000 MHz) ultra-high field Avance™ 1000 NMR spectrometer. It incorporates the world’s first 23.5 Tesla standard-bore (54 mm) superconducting NMR magnet. For further information on the Les Houches high-field NMR workshop, please visit:

For decades, the scientific community has had a vision to eventually perform ultra-high field (UHF) NMR at 1 GHz, but until now major technical barriers had prevented the realization of this dream. Several weeks ago, after many years of development, Bruker BioSpin has successfully energized and brought to its full magnetic field of 23.5 Tesla the world’s first, standard-bore, high homogeneity 1 GHz NMR persistent magnet at its UHF magnet factory in Karlsruhe, Germany. In the meantime, this unique GHz magnet has stabilized at field and first 1 GHz NMR spectra were recorded with a Bruker 5mm triple-resonance Cryoprobe™. The GHz NMR spectra demonstrate the enormous capabilities of this new high-end Avance 1000 instrument, which can be beneficial for all UHF high-resolution and solid-state NMR experiments.

This achievement highlights the continuous progress in UHF 2 Kelvin UltraStabilized™ magnet technology, which was pioneered at Bruker BioSpin in conjunction with the Research Center in Karlsruhe (FZK), and which previously already had resulted in numerous UHF ‘first in the world’ magnets that have enabled many researchers to perform the most demanding NMR experiments.

The first Avance 1000 system will be delivered to the new ‘Centre de RMN à Très Hauts Champs’ in Lyon, France in July 2009. Dr. Gilberte Chambaud , National Director of the Institute of Chemistry of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, stated: “We are very pleased and enthusiastic about this remarkable technical achievement. This 1 GHz NMR spectrometer will crown the other NMR research equipment of our Ultra-High Field European NMR Center in Lyon. It will put the French research in biomolecular liquid and solid state chemistry at the very forefront of the international development, and it opens the way for pioneering research projects.”

“This highest field strength 23.5 Tesla NMR magnet highlights a series of our new technology developments,” added Dr. Gerhard Roth , Managing Director of Bruker BioSpin GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany. “Bruker is proud to be able to provide such an outstanding instrument to NMR researchers who wish to push the frontiers in biochemistry, structural biology and other molecular research.”

Bruker BioSpin is now accepting orders for its new Avance 1000 system with delivery in 18-24 months after order, depending on the sequence of orders received. The Avance 1000 complete system is priced at € 11.7 million (EUR), or approximately $16 million (USD).

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