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Hospitals use the MALDI Biotyper to rapidly identify antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are an ever-increasing problem in healthcare. MALDI-TOF is faster and more accurate than previous techniques, so infection control measures can be put in place quickly to stop the spread of infection.

Aloe Vera

Regulations of botanical ingredients is vital in the cosmetics, natural products and pharmaceutical industries for product safety and effectiveness. Manufacturers use NMR to screen aloe vera to verify its identity and freshness for dietary supplements and herbal medicines.

Brighter for Longer

Bruker instruments are helping to improve the lifetime and power of rechargeable batteries. A specially developed EC-AFM (Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy) solution for fluid imaging is being used to examine nanoscale electrode changes during charging, for batteries that won't run out halfway through a chapter!

Fake or Forgery?

Fake coins are made of cheaper metals than the genuine article, and are quickly identified using XRF, which analyses the metal composition of the alloy. Forensic scientist also use infrared microscopy to examine ink on paper, to identify counterfeit bank notes and fake documents.

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